7 Days Without Social Media

So, I’ve given it a week. I’ve run consistently and have come to a lot of conclusions on those runs. As for social media, here are the top ten things that happened this past week that I attribute to breaking away from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Taking Back Fifelski

It might sound silly but running helps. And I’m applying my training to my life now. Instead of diving into training fast and hard for a race, I’m taking it slow. One. Day. At. A. Time. and hoping that by September when the Fall Equinox race comes around, not only will I feel confident with being able to finish the race, but I’ll be running an easy 9 min mile pace and happy with my finish.

Second Time Beginner

No matter what reason you had to take a hiatus from running, coming back to it can be hard, especially for a seasoned runner. Luckily, I’m not a seasoned runner. Still, I’ve trained for a few marathons and even more half marathons and remember how hard it was to first get started running.

Running after being stabbed

Running with a painful ovarian cyst is similar to being stabbed in the belly repeatedly with the culprit hot on your tail. (Think Arya from Game of Thrones being stabbed then having to run before she’s healed.) You try so hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other in search of safety and comfort but are in so much pain you just want to give up and let the person finish you off. When you do stop you realize the pain is still present, if not more pronounced.