Half Way Point – No Wheat

15ish… day of no wheat. Yea, so mostly I’ve been really good about doing the no wheat thing – or at least I thought I was. Because then I realized queso has flour in it in many cases. Then I went to dinner and had steak tartare and ate it on bread. Because I wasn’t saying no to tartare and really love it on crostini. 


Running + Diets

Not getting enough energy can hinder training and slow a runner down. At 38, I have years before me of bad eating habits. I love pie, cookies and salty snacks. If  I were a marathon winner, I probably wouldn’t worry about the occasional piece of strawberry pie, but I’m barely a half marathon recreational runner so pie can add a lot a calories into a diet that isn’t great for losing weight. I’ve decided to test some of the fad diets making the rounds in 2017.

Growing up in two months

Two months ago, I was a 23 year old trapped in a 38 year old body. I stayed out until 2 am regularly, I ignored my body’s nagging request to sleep more, I ate too much fried food and even started smoking again for a bit. I ignored what was good for me and focused instead of filling my life with exciting, crazy moments. Then (what I thought was a) tragedy struck and I had a huge wake up call. Thus, I started running again.