Seattle, WA

June, 2015

Before graduating from college, I had a dream that I would move to Seattle.  That never happened. One, it got expensive and two, it was too dreary too often, That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it still. There is a lot to love about Seattle. The food, the market, the Puget Sound, the oysters, the rain (in small doses), the underground bars and so on.

So, after my friends Jamie and Cait said they’d run the half (well Cait just agreed to travel) with me, I immediately began planning.  It has been one of my favorite half marathons thus far. You get to see Mt. Rainer, green lush tree and grass and the city itself.  I cannot recommend this half enough.  We ran the Rock ‘n Roll Seattle Half Marathon. Now, I do have a disclaimer that the weekend we went was amazing – the weather was in the low 70s and the mornings were in the 50s.  Perfect running and exploring weather.

IMG_4804 IMG_4818 IMG_4813


After the race we explored the city and made it to Discovery Park too.




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