Naples, FL

10934115_826474834060542_7300187537386395903_oJanuary, 2015

You may be wondering why Naples, when the Key West marathon is the same weekend? Well, my parents live in Naples and I had a free place to stay and of course I got to visit with them.

When my aunt, who also runs, found out, she booked a ticket for herself and her daughter too. Then my other aunt found out, and she booked a ticket too. Now, my parents live in a two bedroom condo in a golf community and space is tight with four people. Add my two aunts, my cousin and the two friends who also traveled with me and the space got even tighter. Luckily, a neighbor had some extra space.

The race takes your through downtown Naples, through old Naples neighborhoods, as well as some of the newer huge homes. You end at a local park near their main drag.



I wouldn’t recommend this race to folks looking for the big party afterward but we had a good time. Today, Naples has changed a bit, they now have a lot more breweries, one of which I highly recommend – Naples Beach Brewery. I also recommend checking out Momentum Brewhouse. The owners were there the one time I visited and they talked to us about how they started and all the local breweries popping up around town.



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