Baton Rouge, LA

January, 2016

When we decided to go to Baton Rouge, I’m not sure what we expected.  Were we thinking New Orleans?  Not sure, but it definitely wasn’t New Orleans.  I’m not a football fan but I’m pretty sure there is some sort of rivalry between LSU and UT.  Well I choose UT simply because I’d rather live in Austin than in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge is cute. The people are nice. It’s a good place to run.

But that’s all besides the point. I would totally do the Louisiana Marathon Half again because the after-party is AMAZING.

If you like beer and crawfish and Louisiana style food and coffee then this race is a winner.  Plus, they offer this deal where you can run the 5 or 10K the day before and you get a crawfish plate. I have never had so much food or fun at a race.  Highly recommend this weekend race.1391264_895435040570590_1451474576_n


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