February, 2016

This year was the third time I ran Austin. The first time I ran, I ran the full and did pretty well.  The second time, I ran the half and loved it and then executed Sarah and Lars’ wedding (they ran the full and then got married – that’s a couple committed to running).  The third time, this year, I ran the half and cursed myself the whole time. However, the afterparty we made for ourselves at Hi Hat Public House (sooooo good) and Zilker Brewery.


For those coming to Austin to run next year’s marathon and half marathon there are a tons of places you can grab a drink, brunch or relax afterward.  My advice, get out of deep downtown and skip the lines. Check out Bangers on Rainey St (downtown but away from the big marathon crowd) and get the Poutine and a Beet and Goat Cheese Sausage or the Antelope Sausage and choose from one of their vast number of beers. Afterward, grab a pedi-cab and head over to Hops and Grain Brewery.  After tasting all their beers, you’ll be hungry again. It’s time to make your way back toward downtown – hit up Hi Hat or stop by Salt and Time for some delicious meat. Then go back to your hotel/Air B&B and take a nap.  After your nap, hit up Dirty Six – as much as locals and transplants hate it, Sixth Street is something everyone should experience once.




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