ATX Runner: Jamie Smith

In this world, there are people who are go-getters and there are people who talk a big game and never follow through. Jamie is a go-getter. I’ve only known Jamie for a few years, but since meeting her I’ve seen her accomplish more than a lot of people do in their lifetime. By her mid-twenties, Jamie was Vice President for Marketing at a firm working to promote the lottery, she makes time to chair a 5K with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to raise money to help those with the terrible disease, she is the friend that goes above and beyond, and is the best dog mom ever. It’s no surprise she runs long distance.

Though Jamie has been running for years, she only recently started calling herself a runner. She explained that even though she started running nine years ago when going to the gym just wasn’t cutting it anymore because she had hit a weight loss plateau, it wasn’t until she helped a friend cross a finish line at a half marathon that she really considered herself a runner.

“My first half – my boss was amazing and ran with me the whole time. Second was a close friend who helped me PR. She knew I was determined and paced for me. I truly appreciated those running gestures and I knew I had to pay it forward. The feeling of supporting someone else and pushing them to the finish line made me feel like I was finally a runner.”  

Jamie (right) after her first 5K

In her first pair of running shoes -pink Air Nikes – Jamie cried she was so excited to finish her first 5K. After that moment, she was hooked. To date, she’s completed 10 half marathons, one full and too many 5Ks and 10Ks to count. Jamie said that all of her half marathons have been super fun because “each one… I have done with friends. I travel a lot to run with friends at different events including Asheville where my college girlfriends and I met in Asheville to run the Asheville half. The after party was super fun in the brewing town.” 

Her favorite race to date was the Seattle Half (which I got to complete with her and agree it’s an amazing race).

“It was beautiful and my two friends and I had so much fun. It was great to explore while also seeing the sights and sounds of Seattle in a beautifully organized half marathon. Seeing the Puget Sound was amazing in 50 degree weather.”


Jamie loves training in Austin because the heat and sweat make her feel accomplished, but she also realizes the importance of water and makes sure to get at least 64 ounces a day. When she was training for the Marine Corps Marathon, she cut back on alcohol and what she considered bad foods at the time – like carbs. Now she knows that carbs are a runner’s friend and instead, eats healthier and in moderation. As she puts it: “I enjoy running to eat.” 

And like every good Austinite, Jamie likes to indulge in breakfast tacos after runs but gets pretty pumped when I see a race with coffee at the end. As a coffee fan, that’s an indulgence to me.”  Having finished a few half marathons with Jamie, I can say, I’ve seen her excitement when there is coffee. 

In addition to running, Jamie uses Orangetheory for cross training about 4 – 5 days a week. It’s helped her runs tremendously. She PR’d her last race by 5 minutes and cites strength training at Orangetheory as the reason.

“Because of Orangetheory, I am getting my strength training in since it’s part of the workout. I think anyone who is trying to PR needs to focus on getting those strength workouts in however you can.”

In addition to increasing her stamina and bettering her time, she finds Orangetheory to be a huge stress reliever for her hectic job.

Keep running Jamie, keep inspiring.




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