Growing up in two months

Two months ago, I was a 23 year old trapped in a 38 year old body. I stayed out until 2 am regularly, I ignored my body’s nagging request to sleep more, I ate too much fried food and even started smoking again for a bit. I ignored what was good for me and focused instead of filling my life with exciting, crazy moments. Then (what I thought was a) tragedy struck and I had a huge wake up call. Thus, I started running again.

Since I started training for my September half marathon, I’ve grown up immensely.  I’m not sure what 38 is supposed to look like and I don’t care really, but I do know that a lot has changed for me. I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, I drink far less beer, I eat healthier, I sleep better and I’m really focused on living a happier, more fulfilled life. I’ve also learned that that tragedy I thought happened wasn’t so tragic. In fact, it was liberating.

I no longer pine for late nights out or fatty horrible foods, well, actually that’s not 100% true – I still crave peanut butter and chocolate. But more so, I crave a run. I crave a hike. I crave waking up ready to take on another day.

It’s showing in my training too. I’m only up to about 6.5 miles now but my speed is improving. Ran three miles at 8.54 m/m yesterday.


My guess is that by the time I run in Colorado, my pace in Texas will be about 9 min per mile for a full 13.1 miles. However, I’ll have to take into account the elevation change so my guess is I’ll be running about a 9:10 pace for the race. I’m not pushing for a PR while at a higher elevation I won’t have acclimated to yet.

I’ve been running off and on since I was 27 years old. For the first time in a long time, I’m dedicated to a training program that includes healthier overall lifestyle choices and I’m not missing out on anything like I thought I would. In fact, I’m having a lot more fun and focusing on other goals in life that I’ve pushed aside in the past.

With running comes good things including growing up a little bit.


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