Yesterday, I finally ran a full 5K and then some. Got in 3.25 miles. It felt good. Running a 9.06 mile pace, I was tired and sweaty when I was done but not exhausted. My legs felt strong, my back felt strong, my lungs felt strong, my arms helped to propel me forward. Mostly though, the thing I noticed was that my mind was free. For the first time since I started running again, I wasn’t checked in to how long I’d run the whole time, my mind wasn’t concerned about the events of the last month or what was to come in the month ahead. I felt free.

Short post, but wanted to give an update. Oh and I bought my first pair of train running shoes – they’re ugly but comfortable! Looking forward to putting them to work this coming weekend.


Happy running!





2 thoughts on “Free

  1. Diane Landry says:

    I bought some Brooks trail shoes in January and have been trying to do not trail running, once a week or every other week. I love it!

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