Three Things Worth Knowing This Week

Salty Astronauts


So, when I came across this article, I was fascinated for several reasons but one thing kept crossing my mind… if I eat salty foods before a long run, will I need less water? During half marathons and marathons, I hate running with water around my waist or in my hand and I detest stopping for water along the way – the cluster of people that stop and throw their water to the side causing a somewhat dangerous situation, especially when first timers don’t know etiquette (let’s be honest, it’s not just first timers).  We’ve always known that salt has an effect on running – water retention, etc, but does this new information change just how much salt runners should be eating?

Meditation for a Better Run


I’ve been doing some research on meditation lately and the effects it has on helping one to give up the need to control everything in their life.  Upon researching, I came across this old Runner’s World write up from 2016 about how your running might benefit from meditation. Nothing too profound but it pushed me a little bit more to add meditation to my daily routine.




Before reading Peter Sagal’s story in Runner’s World, I had no idea the “love hormone” could have an affect on me when I run, but I have experienced the nostalgia that Sagal’s friend experiences on his runs.  I’ve done the runner’s high before too but this is different – it’s almost a clarity that comes into mind and I begin thinking about things in my past but in a nonjudgemental way. It makes me thankful for the people currently in my life, the adventures I’ve taken and those who had large and small influences on my life. Cheers to oxytocin!


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