When one just isn’t enough

Miles: 2 

Beers: 0 

Sometimes decisions are hard to make.  I find this to be especially true when buying new shoes. Need new shoes for an upcoming wedding? I always end up buying two pairs of shoes. Need a new pair of flip flops? Gotta have a brown pair and a black pair! What about new kicks for walking around town? You guessed it, I can never decide between the Vans or the Converse. So, when I ended up going to Rogue Running this evening, it should have come to no surprise when I walked out of the store with two pair of running shoes.

IMG_7659For over a year now, I’ve been running in a pair of Nike Free. At first, I really liked them but after 200 miles, it was time for a new pair. And yet, I kept running in them – that is until last night when I found the next half marathon to run in September and knew I needed new shoes stat. So this afternoon, I pulled on my Vans, (the Converse didn’t match the outfit I was wearing) and headed to the store.

I had a list on my phone of five shoes I wanted to try on. They had a little more cushion than my Nike Free shoes according to reviews. Of course, once I got there and tried on one pair from the list I called upon the sales person to help me. I ended up trying on and running around the store in ten different pair of shoes before finding a pair I liked – a a pair of Orange Adidas Adizero. However, according to the saleslady, I had two more pair of shoes to try on.

I tried on the first pair. After a short walk around the store, my flat foot ached where the arch was just slightly too high but would have seemed nonexistent to anyone with even the slightest arch. Thinking I had already made up my mind with the orange Adidas, I pulled on the second pair. I knew instantly I loved these shoes too. These New Balance 1400v5 offered a tiny bit more stability I thought might help in the early days of getting back into my stride.


My nose wrinkled as my lips pursed together when I realized I loved both shoes. You see, I like running because, except for racing,  it’s a pretty affordable sport.  All you need is a sports bra, socks, shorts and some shoes. However, buying both pair of shoes meant spending more money.  The saleslady saw my reaction and immediately offered a small discount. Because I wanted both shoes, I justified the purchase by noting I had not bought running shoes in over a year and I would not find a deal like this online.

I walked out of the store feeling accomplished, thinking about all the new clothes I’d have to buy to match my new shoes. Instead of buying new clothes, I gave the New Balances a try.

Loved them! Can’t wait to get in some long runs.

Please note, I am not giving a review of shoes, am not paid by any companies mentioned. What I like is not what others might like and could be the worst shoes for you. 





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