Love or Hate It: Run DC

Miles Run: 2! I motivated today!!

Beers Consumed: 0

Today, I had to spend about four hours on a plane to get to DC for work.  When I got to my hotel, I immediately changed into my running clothes. I sat around and watched the DNC for a bit, but eventually, I motivated.

As someone who generally calls themselves a runner, I should love DC because it’s apparently a great place to run.  But, I don’t. In fact, I am not a fan of DC.  In the winter is snows so much and the city shuts down and in the summer, it’s so humid, you walk outside already sweating.  Plus, every time I’ve tried running here, I’ve ended up cursing because there are too many people everywhere.

But instead of just complaining about it, I decided to look to the runners of DC to figure out a better plan.  I started with a simple Google search and found a lot of pay-for running clubs. We have those in Austin, but…

I generally don’t like to pay to run unless I’m getting lots of  food and beer and a huge medal.

So, I went to On Meetup, I found about 8 groups within 2 miles of DC. There are some trail groups, some singles groups and even one for techies who want to talk tech while they run. I decided to go with one that’s for folks who live near the Hill.  I’m waiting on approval to see if I fit their qualifications. I choose this group because it is the closest to where I generally stay in DC. Hoping I get approved.  If not, you’ll read about it, I’m sure.

In the meantime, I decided to run on the treadmill at my hotel because it was just too humid for my asthma.  If I had been running here for a while, I probably could have handled it, but since my running has been so sporadic, I decided to start with two miles inside. Brutal. Treadmill running is just brutal. But I did it and that’s what matters.  Plus it’s Monday – never miss a Monday.

Anyway, I ran and now I eat.  I DO love some of DC’s food establishments, like Chopt, where I was able to grab a healthier faster food.

IMG_4808 IMG_4809


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