Apps, Whole30, Schedules & Failure

Miles Run: 0

Beers Consumed: 0 (It’s Saturday,  it’s early still and I have not been to the pool yet, so this will most likely change.)

It’s been  a long, long time since I last wrote anything.  And I tend to write when I need direction. This time is no different. Plus, my friend Jamie started writing this blog about her dating life and it inspired me to get writing again.

I’ve recently fallen off the running wagon, for various reasons – divorce, heat, ankles – to name a few.  I need motivation. I tried logging on to various run site like Nike+, Map My Run, and MyFitnessPal. I even tried going back to Austin Beer Run Club (which, I plan to continue to go to and suggest you go to as well). I got nowhere except two miles every four or five days and was named Beer Runner of the Week (which does provide some motivation to keep going back).

This is me post run at the Austin Beer Run Club and that’s my good friend in the background with her tongue out.  Guys, she’s single and awesome!

Friends tell me it’s okay, that as I get settled again, I will start to get my back into my groove (like Stella). Hoping that’s the case, because, right now, my belly is starting to look like it’s holding twins and my size two dresses don’t fit around my hips.

I also tried to do the Whole30 thing.  Failed day one because: cheese.  A life without cheese?  That’s like taking a favorite toy from a two year old.  And honestly, life is too short not to enjoy things like cheese (and whiskey).

I’m also trying this new thing where I create a schedule and force myself to stick to it.  I put in the minor details like when to write for my blogs and drink water every morning – things that are important and that I want to do but don’t always. Running is on there. And it’s in the morning. I did this schedule three days ago and have not stuck to it once. Mainly because I have myself waking up way too early and going to bed early – but that’s because I am trying to become a morning person still.

The schedule thing wasn’t my idea, lots of people suggest it, but after reading this post from Malan Darras, I found myself making my own.

So, here I am back again, writing, hoping I will find my motivation.  Feel free to join me on this journey. Or don’t. I really don’t care, I’m just writing in hopes that it helps.


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