What’s that smell?

Miles Run: 3 

Beers Consumed: 0 (Hey, I’m doing pretty good keeping my intake down.)

Are you ever running with a group or at the gym and notice a funky smell?  It’s not a normal smell, not one you notice often when you run alone.  But for some reason, no matter where you go, you smell it?

It’s you.

No, really, in the situation I’m talking about, it’s you. Sometimes, when you sweat, you smell worse than normal – or maybe you always smell and you just only sometimes notice it…

Anyway, after my run today, I noticed how bad I smelled.  I don’t mean like a stinky boys locker room, I mean like you need to take a shower stat because you cannot stand to be around your own self.

Well, here’s the deal.  I ate like crap today.

Processed_Food_Artemis_in_the_City red-meat

It’s time to stop eating foods that smell bad in the first place. Garlic – okay it smells and tastes good but sweating it out is just nasty – coffee, red meat, processed foods – they make you smell bad.  Apparently, it’s bacteria and when the bacteria eats the stuff it likes, it creates a smell and some foods smell worse than others.  To be honest, it’s all the foods you’d assume make you smell bad.  It’s not rocket science.  (It’s biological science though.)

dairySo, next time you know you will be running with that hottie from down the street, or with your husband, or even your best friend, don’t eat smelly foods.  Try cinnamon or pineapple!


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