mmmmm… QUESO

Miles Run: 3

Beers Consumed: 0


Queso.  When you live in Austin, finding queso isn’t difficult.  Avoiding it is. I travel around Texas for work and I can say, finding queso anywhere in Texas is pretty easy but for some reason, Austin seems to have a high concentration of it.  This is a problem.

I’m attempting, for the umptheenth time, to start eating clean.  You can say what you want.  “It’s a fad… if you keep getting off track, why go back?” However, it’s not a fad.  I’m not saying going Paleo is my thing.  I don’t think a diet of meat wrapped in meat is good for anyone.  I just think that eating less, if possible, no, processed food is smart.  The biggest problems for me?  Cheese (hence queso),buffalo wings, and ice cream.  So, you won’t see me forgetting about these things completely, but I am bought in to trying to get as clean as possible.

One week at a time…  so, can you pass the queso?



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