Against the (Corpus Christi) Wind

Miles Run: 2.47

Beers Consumed: 2

There is something about the ocean beach that just kinda cleanses your mind.  Maybe it’s that salty air that fills your nostrils as you run or the sand pelleting your face when the wind gets too riled up. Maybe it’s the seagulls dropping shit from above or the kids jetting out in front of you when they realize it’s too cold to go swimming.

photo 3

Sarcasm?  Yes, but just a little.  I just had the pleasure of going for a run in Corpus Christi on the beach.  I gotta say, while all of the above happened, I still really enjoyed it and really feel like a rock star after my short, but hard run.  The mile and a half out was actually pretty good.  I was running at a decent pace, but then on the way back, the wind caught me and it felt like I was pushing through a pack of derby blockers the whole way. With the wind blowing at 23 mph, I had a bit of a challenge.

When I got back to my hotel (I’m in Corpus for work), I stretched then went to the computer to do some quick research about running in the wind.  Of course, the first thing that popped up was a Runner’s World page that was somewhat helpful.  I kinda figured this already, but it verified that running helps to improve stamina.  And it appears you do burn more calories too because you are exerting more energy.  How many more, I  got bored searching and didn’t really care.  What I care about right now is getting to a good 5K pace, not calories.

photo 2

But, now, I’m sitting on my hotel balcony, looking at palm trees and feeling accomplished.  I feel great actually.  On top of my run today, I actually passed on bacon. BACON.  I’m not 100% on not eating meet, but I’m getting there and to pass up bacon… that’s a huge success.

Anyway, cheers and if you don’t already have Against the Wind by Bob Seger stuck in your head, you should now.

*This post was written last night but I ended up not being able to post because of lost internet connection.  


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