The first day of the rest of my life…

Miles Run: 2.2

Beers Consumed: 0

Yesterday.  Yesterday, kinda out of nowhere, became the first day of the rest of my life.  Yesterday I decided that it was time to accept that my 35 year old body – internally and externally – doesn’t act anything like my 25 year old body, or even my 30 year old body. Eating an ice cream cone isn’t worked off as easily as it was five or ten years ago. My skin isn’t radiant for no reason anymore, that’s why makeup and lotion was invented.  So, yesterday, I woke up in the morning and made myself some scrambled eggs – mostly egg white – added a little bit of pesto, cut up a small tomato and poured myself some coffee.  I mean, let’s not get out of control here, life without coffee isn’t an option right now.

For a snack I ate some carrots, had a green smoothie for lunch and made spaghetti squash pesto for dinner.  A little later, I was craving chocolate and had an orange instead.

I also downloaded the Nike+ App, which I highly recommend and ran a mile.  Yes, only a mile.  That is how out of shape I am.  It was the second day of running this week.  It was the second hardest mile I have ever run.  Running with a booty that bounces and an extra tire around the belly is so much different than running with a semi-fit body.  However, afterward I felt amazing.  This morning I woke up and decided it would be no different than yesterday.

I’ve decided I am not sticking to one plan or method this time around.  My only goal is to get healthy.  That means, running more, more skating, more soccer and less unhealthy food.  When I want a snack, why not reach for a piece of fruit instead of a big chuck o’ chocolate.

And what about beer you ask?  Well, it’s SXSW and last week, I had some fun and had some beers, but this weekend and this week, I’m limiting my beer intake majorly.  So far, no beers this weekend.  Not saying that if something special comes my way I won’t drink it but instead of having a second, I’ll just stick to the one.  After all, Gale is brewing a second batch of peanut butter chocolate wedding stout and we are preparing to go to Belgium and Germany.

Wedding Images Round 2-509


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