Running Apps Help People Hunt You Down

Miles Run: 3

Beers Consumed: 0

So, went running today with my Derby Wife. I know, I know, technically, I’m not skating right now, so really, how can I have a Derby Wife?  Well, screw you, I wasn’t asking for your opinion but since you were being judgmental I will explain. I was asked to stop skating so I did not hurt myself before the wedding AND I had too much going on with trying to open a business and getting married is a hassle in itself (not a bad thing, just a lot to think about). 

Anyway,  to get back to my point… My DW and I went for a run this morning and she tracked our run. She tried tagging me on Facebook but it did not work.  I was happy.  You see, I don’t like people to know how far I ran and how fast.  I’m not at all knocking her, or anyone else, for using it but it got me to thinking about the apps out there and how much they are a part of our lives.  It kinda freaks me out.

This is the man that could hunt you down… or jump out of a bush.

In many cases, apps not only post your running route, but the amount of time you ran that route.  So, if you run around the same time every day and someone really wants to hunt you down.. they now have the perfect tool to do it.  Let’s pretend you start at 7 am every morning and the last three times you have run, you’ve run about 8 minute miles. They know the route, they’ve scoped it out and now they are waiting for you behind the bushes at mile 2.67.  Hey, I’m not saying it happens often, but it could happen!

There are apps out there that store your information.  So, now, some crazy person who works at the app company has access to your information too.  They now know where you live too because in many cases we begin running from home.  So, if they know you are running in a certain area, they have that demographic info on you, plus they have ads on there that you might click to buy a new pair or shoes, a car, hell, maybe another tech tool to help you run.  So, they figure out if you are rich or not, know when you are running and rob your house.  Dude, all those medals will be gone! Yeah, you read that right.  They work at a damn running app store, OF COURSE they will steal your medals!

Okay, okay, I’m getting a little carried away, I know, but seriously, I just don’t like EVERYone knowing all my business.Really though, it’s more about not wanting to have to run fast or be ridiculed.

If you still don’t care about what I have to say and want to use one of these apps, check out the Huff Post’s article.  I think I prefer the Zombies, Run! App best.







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