Don’t Mess with Texas Leigh

Miles Run:  4

Beers Consumed: 0 but I kinda wanna go sit on a porch and have one. 

Don’t Mess with Texas… if you don’t know what it’s all about you can read more about it later, but basically, it’s an anti-litter campaign that started back in the 80s to clean up Texas’s highways and such.  Generally, it seems to have worked fairly well.  However, that doesn’t mean everyone and their brother participates in not littering.  

Today on the trail while running, or, let’s say, trying to run four miles, at about mile 2.5, this guy was in front of me.  He was carrying a backpack and acting kinda shady.  Basically, he was staring at the river and looked to his left – the direction I was not coming from – and then just throws a lid on the ground from his drink.  I’m not sure if he had already looked to the right and missed me cause I was hidden by the angle of the path and the fact that I was running up a hill or if he was just an idiot.  Anyway, I could not contain myself.  It pissed me off.  In fact, just five, okay probably more like ten, minutes before, I was running over the 1st Street Bridge noticing how completely disgusting the river was.  The river banks are totally littered with cans, cups, I think I saw a bra, and who knows what else.  The water itself has a ton of weeds which are trapping all the trash people throw in it and it just doesn’t look like a good place to canoe or SUP at all this summer.

So, as I am running up to the guy, I say to him: “Are you gonna pick that up now?” and he turns around and says something like: ” It’s too far down to reach so I cannot get it.”

I wanted to kick him in the nuts! “Um, you just littered and it wasn’t there a minute ago, so you should really pick it up and toss it in a trashcan.”

“Oh, well um, it’s just a lid,” he says back to me.

“It’s litter.  Those of us who use the trail regularly like it clean.”  At this point, I am walking to have this conversation with him.  My face is red from running, but it’s even more red from the fury that is rising within me.  “Look, you tossed it, you pick it up.”

I’m not quite sure what he said as I was running away, but he definitely wasn’t nice; however, it appeared he went to go pick it up.  Whether or not he did I will never know, but my hope is that he doesn’t littler again, or at least looks both ways before tossing his trash again.

Yet another reason I should be running everyday…



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