DRINK YOUR chocolate MILK!

Miles Run: 3

Beers Consumed: 0

Bruises: I just found two from this past weekend’s scrim

None I’d like to talk about.

So, yesterday, I was talking to a friend about training and he brought up the fact that chocolate milk is the all new rave for recovery drinks.  In the past couple months, I’ve been reading all about this.  If you are hungry after a workout but don’t want to eat a lot and just need a snack – drink some
chocolate milk.  Every single time I read this, I think”What the hell?” Except, then I bought into it.  I, in fact, went for a run and needed something quick and grabbed a chocolate milk. I made sure to get the organic version too.  I did this again a week later. I can’t say I am stocking up on the delicious beverage, but it’s a good treat.

I, however, still wonder how good this post workout chocolate delight can really be.  So, when my new professional strength and conditioning coach (as much as one can be from across the country) brought up the milky chocolate, I thought once again, “What the hell?”

Supposedly, there was a study done in 2008 that I never got the memo for and people are bringing it back to the forefront. Basically, the study compares chocolate milk to other sports recovery drinks and finds it to be a better hydrator (in its low-fat versions) than the commercial sports drinks.  It’s also good for endurance activities too because it increases muscle protein balance.

I’ll buy it.  I mean, for someone who HATES Gatorade and needs more milk in her life, this is a good option.  I’m not gonna drink it after my short three mile runs or my one hour skating dates, but I will use it as a post 12 mile run drink or post two hour resistance training session.

I dislike the taste of milk, unless, of course, there is some chocolate added.  Question though, does a milk chocolate stout count?



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