Dented Butt Cheek

Miles Run: Let’s not talk about it….

Beers Consumed: 0

Bruises: no new ones!

So, some time ago, you may have read a post about me falling on my arse and geting a gigantic bruise.  Well, the bruise is pretty much gone.  It’s still a little tender, but no color is left.  However, I am now left a decent sized dent.  It looks like a car dent – I kid you not!

This is the thing – it’s probably never going to go away.

I could spend my days crying about it like a baby or I can suck it up and laugh about it.  I am choosing to laugh.  It’s actually pretty hilarious.  It does not look like cellulite – it’s way bigger than that.  It’s like I sat down on the edge of a chair and it left an imprint.  But, that imprint never goes away.

After doing a search, I’m learning it’s basically fat necrosis.  It’s not exactly harmful, it’s just odd looking.

“In fat necrosis, fat cells are broken down by the body, usually in response to trauma. It can happen after surgery, as a result of physical stress, in the wake of radiation therapy, and in association with chronic diseases like pancreatic disease. As the cells break down, a mass of rubbery tissue can form. This lump will be palpable to the patient if it is near the surface.” 

I guess that, like cars, people age, we get rusty and with time, we even see some denting.  Not everyone obviously, but those of us who like to get into fights or get pushed around while at derby.

It’s pretty funny, before the age of 30, I never really hurt myself playing sports.  Maybe because I have never really played any full contact sports before then.  Since 30, I’ve broken  a collarbone (soccer) and dented my ass.  What’s next?  Not sure I want to know.

Well, cheers to war wounds and dented cars!


PS – the pictures I found online are not really representative of what my arse now looks like but there is no way I am going to post a big ole picture of my butt on here.  

PPS – sorry for double posting today!


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