Afternoon Workouts Rock

Miles Run: 3

Beers Consumed: 0

Bruises: I find one everyday – I think I have 4 and the one on my arse is so dark – ouch!

So, this morning, I came into work early and I made a deal with my boss that I could take an extra half hour, or so, so I could go to the gym.  All I have to say is, AFTERNOON workouts ROCK! I feel ready to go and happy. 

Once I was done working out, I was really hungry though, and I had eaten before I went to workout but overall I have eaten less today than normal days. Less in a good way not an “I need to eat” way. 

But is working out midday really good for you?

I did some online research and here is what I found:

The only research I could find was from 2004 – of course this was a ten minute internet search result and I kinda gave up after that because I had to get to other things – that stated working out LATE afternoon is most beneficial due to the circadian clock.  That same study said that

  • Strength and endurance tend to be higher in the LATE afternoon (not sure what constitues late)
  • People are less injury prone in the afternoon. 

Other benefits I found online included gym is less crowded and work productivity increases. 

Now, I went to workout at 1 PM.  At this time the gym was pretty dead and I had the locker room to myself, which is AMAZING, because none of the old ladies who like to stand around talking while completely nude were there. I could not do the workout and get showered in an hour though because I work too far from the YMCA.  However, I would totally be willing to come in a half hour early for that extra half hour at lunch.  Mow, is the boss gonna go for that?  Maybe I’ll send him the productivity article. 




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