My Black & Blue Ass

Miles Run: 3

Beers Consumed: 0

Bruises: 1 new, but if your whole butt cheek is bruised does it count as more than 1?

Okay, so the training for the Gulf Cost Half Marathon in Mandeville has officially begun. Technically a day late except, not really.  Here is the deal.  Yesterday I was supposed to run three miles (not a big deal) and instead I skated just over 12.  So, I think it’s okay that I skipped running yesterday. My thighs were on fire so I’ll take it as a good workout.  Today was supposed to be my rest run day but I ran three then went to skate with some of the “b” gals.

SIDE NOTE! Quick rundown of Derby in Austin.  We have a rec league.  You start in primer and learn the basics of skating without actually knockin’ each other around.  You then asses up – you have to be able to do like 19 laps in so many minutes, stop correctly, fall correctly, hit correctly and  a bunch of other basic foot work skills must be met.  After that you skate in scrimmage bouts and asses up while you skate.  The “c” group is what you asses to from primer and then from “c” to “b.”  The “b” girls are tougher than the “c” girls.  This has to do with the fact that they have generally been skating longer, they trust each other, and they have skills.  I have assessed up but am not quite confident enough so I am what I consider a “c-b” er.  So, my point to this is, the “b” gals are a bit tougher than me.


So, today, I got a great workout, but I also fell on my ass because I could not keep up with the drill that we were doing at the impromptu practice at Bart Park.  It appears that I have a black and blue wheel imprint on my ass.  If the name of the wheel “Road Hog” was raised on the skate, you would probably be able to see the imprint.  It hurt so bad that I thought I was gonna vomit.  Luckily, I did not and I got back up and completed the drill. Sure, I took a minute break, but I kinda lost it for a second.

Now, this is not a bad thing, you see, now that I have done the dril and fallen, I realized I need to work on that skill and took it slower once I got back on my feet.  I know that in order to perfect the stop fast and then run on my toe stops, I need to work on that this week.  My goal will be to do it repeatedly without falling.

I think my half marathon training is going well two days in.  My cross training will be good for my stability and core building.  I just hope that I don’t try something out of my league and have to stop running before I even really get started.

Now, it’s time for a beer, where is my bottle opener?


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