Mandeville, LA here I come!

Miles Run: 2 yesterday.

Beers consumed: 4 yesterday.

Bruises: 0 but my thumb is sprained.

Mandeville Images

So, if you have looked at any other pages on this blog, you will know that I have a goal to run a half marathon in every state.  I have only completed Michigan and Texas. The original goal was to do this in two years starting this past April.  So far, I have not done a damn thing to accomplish this goal – unless you count sitting on my ass and talking about running as doing something.  So, today, after reading a blog because a woman liked a post of mine (because she is a better blogger than I am and knows how to promote her blog) about setting a bucket list and actually completing it, I was inspired to look for a half marathon to run.

Mandeville Images

Well, I found one. I am going to do the Gulf Cost Half Marathon in Mandeville, LA.

Why Mandevile?  Well, a few reasons.  One, it’s only a nine hour drive (hey, I live in the biggest freaking state – it’s bigger than most European countries for gosh sakes – nine hours is nothing). Two, I have never been to New Orleans and have always wanted to go and it’s not that far so kill two birds with one stone – cause isn’t that the point of me running a half marathon in every state anyway – to see the places in the country that I want to see? Three, it’s on a Sunday.  I work Saturdays and so, it’s Sundays or bust.  Four, it closes at 2,000 people.  I like that.  There is something about a race that isn’t TOO big.  Maybe it’s the feeling that I can finish higher in my age group, even though we know that I will never come close to being at the top.

I am just glad I found a race to commit to and that the views will be pretty spectacular.


Wanna cheer me on?  Join me for the adventure!


These photos of Mandeville are courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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