Not All That Jazz…

Miles Run: 0 if it continues to storm

Beers Consumed: 0

Bruises: 3 new and one is more than a bruise.

So, I was going to write a post about my coworker and how she always brings me treats which are unhealthy and then I received the Austin Children’s Shelter’s Annual Report and thought that I should talk about why I decided to run the marathon last year and why I plan to run the half marathon this year.

So, sorry Jazz for not writing a full post about you. Iit will happen – watch out!

So, when I first moved to Austin, I had one possible friend and a job where I worked mainly at home or on the road.  Not great for meeting new friends.  I decided that joining a running group to run the Austin HALF marathon would be a good idea.  I found TEAMFX.  Two main things attracted me to the team.  First, the money I would have to raise would go toward the Austin Children’s Shelter and second, it was an intimate group of filmmakers and the related which means interesting people who are creative. And I decided I would run the full – argh.

The first reason meant a lot to me because the Austin Children’s Shelter is a LOCAL nonprofit that helps kids who are abused and neglected.  Being local is important to me because I like having a direct impact on the community I live in. And, neglecting and abusing is wrong ANY way you look at it and if my running will somehow support them, I think that is pretty damn rad.

So, if you donated last year you helped to protect 270 kids by helping to provide over 91,000 meals and snacks, over 7,400 transportation trips for things like court dates and interviews, 676 health care appointments and much more.  You can learn about all the ways your money helps by reading the very well put together and amazing looking annual report.

And the second reason I joined was right on.  I met some amazing people who have taught me a lot and they probably do not even know it.  I’ve been introduced to Austin’s very creative side as well as those who are like me (trying to be creative or don’t really care).

Peace – Leigh


2 thoughts on “Not All That Jazz…

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    I am so proud of you!!!!! You always run full force and jump in. You don’t care how wet you’ll get! I am so proud to be yor mother.
    Love, MOM

    PS Next time give Jazz her 15 minutes of fame.

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