No to Marathons

Miles Run: 0 thus far but plan on after work.

Beers consumed: 0 since last night.

Bruises: 0 until tomorrow’s scrimmage bout. - When I signed up for a marathon I thought I'd be watching Battlestar Galactica for hours on end. This just sucks.So, right now, I am on my lunch break at work and I have been waiting to write this since I got here this morning.  This is the deal. I have decided I will never run another marathon.  Here is why. The two times I ran a marathon (Detroit and Austin), I stopped running for a good six months.  It threw me off my running game and honestly, it is not worth it for me.  I would rather run a bunch of half marathons and continue to run afterwards because I stay in better shape.  After a marathon I feel accomplished and allow myself to stop working out and such.  NOT okay.

Half marathons are okay.  I’m sticking to the half.

Speaking of half marathons.  My 50 state attempt has not yet started for one reason.  I work Saturdays.  Getting to a race on a Sunday in a different state is proving difficult.  So, sorry to let you down.  I’m working on it.  Any suggestions?

That’s really all I have to say.

Now, go tie one on – a shoe – not a buzz.




One thought on “No to Marathons

  1. DeniseFfielski (MOM) says:

    Good for you! I know you get really stressed out with the whole marathons. I think the halfs are a good balance for you. Keep on running!! Love, MOM

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