Red meat no more.

Miles Run: 2

Beers Consumed: 0

Derby Bruises: about 4 that I can feel

Okay, so since I can remember I have loved meat.  I tried once to be a vegetarian and it just did not work.  I’m sure I could try it again, but it’s not going to happen. Anyway, what I am doing is giving up red meat.  Why? Well, yesterday, I made these amazing steak pinwheels.

ImageThey were super good.  I loved every flavor that came with every bite.  They were stuffed with herbed goat cheese, garlic, pepper, and roasted red peppers.  The meat was juicy and delicious, the flavors were making my mouth sing with happiness.  But… then it all kinda hit me at once.  All of a sudden, mid bite, my mind did not want me to eat anymore.  It was not some, “you are fat – stop eating thing” it was a “OH, my god, this is a cow.”  I was totally torn – I could let my mouth enjoy the meal I have SLAVED over, or I could just ditch it and eat the salad next to the meat on the plate.  Then I noticed the blood on the plate.  Yet, still torn.

Okay, think back three days later.  No, don’t think back.  You don’t actually fit into the story right now.  Let me, instead, take you back three days ago where I was sitting at my desk at work.  I had just pulled out my lunch.  I was hungry.  My lunchbag contained carrots, soup and a small wrap which contained sliced fresh roasted bison, lettuce, tomato and a tiny bit of low fat mayo.  I ate the soup and the carrots and was still hungry so I began to eat the wrap.  I took a bite and it was tasty.  The next bite – FREAKED me out!  It was awful.  I had nothing else to eat so I took another bite but then the thought of a buffalo popped into my head.

I don’t know why, all of a sudden, at 33, I am now sickened by eating red meat.  I ate scallops today no problem.  Chicken?  Not a problem.  But a steak, buffalo meat – forget it. So, starting today, it looks like I am no longer going to be eating red meat because I simply cannot stomach it.

Luckily, it has its benefits. Here are the top five reasons I am happy that my mind does not want me to eat red meat anymore.

#1: I will live longer.

According to a new study, those who eat red meat die at an earlier age. So, if I continue to eat red meat, considering the amount I have already eaten, I could die in like five years.   Okay, maybe not, but I want now to eat less meat because I don’t wanna take any more years off my life.

#2: I can lose weight.

Okay, there are lean red meats but let’s be honest, the good red meats are the Prime meats.  Prime basically means fatty and delicious.  Think of a yummy prime rib steak – it’s all marbled with fat which makes it worth eating in the first place.  So, , maybe I will lose those extra pounds I have been carrying.

#3: I will be saving a cow from a terrible life.

Okay, so this is a PETA one.  I don’t agree with PETA on a lot of things – like the fact that we should not keep pets – cray Z! Anyway – look at the horrible life of a typical cow you will eat. The point of me including this video shows how much we have no idea where our food actually comes from.  You could be eating a dairy cow that’s been mistreated.  For a long time, I have know about this and it’s finally getting to me.  It’s so gross. Imagine your dog instead of the cow in the video. How would you feel then?

#4: I won’t have to worry about Mad Cow disease.  

Okay, so this hasn’t really been reported on that much in recent news.  However, I remember going to Ireland and Mad Cow was huge.  I forgot and ate some red meat.  Recently,it has been argued that infectious proteins could be the cause of things like Parkinsons. Well by not eating meat, I won’t have to worry about things like this again!

#5: Lastly, I can get back to my treehugger roots. 

So, eating meat does nothing to protect the environment.  First, it take a lot of energy, water, gas, and in this age, chemicals to raise cattle.  By not eating any more meat, I will be cutting my footprint!  Woot!!!

Overall happy. I will have to make sure to get my protein and iron intake elsewhere and with more nuts (don’t go there any boys reading this!), chicken, fish, dark green leafy veggies.

I’m not pushing you to stop eating meat, just warning you that I’m done.  My head can’t handle it.



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