Boobs or belly?

Pints of Beer Consumed: 0

Miles Run: 0

When I wake up every morning, I start thinking, like many people do when they awake.  By the time I get in my car, I’ve got my morning sorted out and things start popping into my head that I could write about and post  to the blog. So, when I arrive at work, you would think that I would write those things down so I could come home and sit in front of my computer for ten minutes and pound out a few hundred words. The thing is, my drive is about 40 minutes long.  So, by the time I arrive, everything I just thought about ten minutes before is wiped from memory. I will punch the code into the door and “boom” it’s like everything just goes out my ears.  So, I remember that I had something witty to post about this morning but now, not so much.  In fact, I’m almost boring myself.  I can only imagine what you are feeling right now.

So, at work, I recieved an email announcing the 2013 Austin Marathon.  Now, settle down there fella, I am not running another marathon.  Right now, I am not even running 3 miles. But, I’ve started to think about my running plan and this is what it looks like thus far:

Monday – cook all day

Tuesday – work, weights

Wednesday – probably eat

Thursday – maybe Derby practice

Friday – sleep

Saturday – drink

Sunday – Derby

So, by this point, you probably get my drift – I have absolutely no (NONE!) motivation to run.  The thought of it almost kills me.  I know why too. Hopefully, my boss won’t read this and think I am complaining about my job, because it is not about the job, it’s about everything revolving around the job.  Okay, get to the point, I know already!  It’s the damn drive.  It sucks everything that was EVER motivation in me out.  I have no interest what-so-ever after driving for 40 minutes to go home, change, and run.  Why?  Honestly, it’s like sitting all day and then sitting in a car all day just makes me want to sit all night.  How does that pan out? It’s like my ass (which now has a bounce when I walk) and my tummy just want me to chill.  The other bad part about the lack of movement and motivation is the boob gain.  I seriously fill out my cup size now.  Major bonus.  So, I also feel like part of me is wondering, is the flat belly or are the added boobies more important? Of course, not fitting in a pair of jeans just adds a bit of weeping to the day and then I stuff my face.

Speaking of stuffing my face, I finally get why it’s so hard to be thin.  I never really and truly understood it, but now, I have this NEED to stuff food into my face.  It’s like, if I leave it, someone else will get it and I want to win.  It’s kinda twisted.  BUT, this has to stop.  I feel sluggish and motivated and the weight gain has just added to it.  I’m not saying everyone has to be thin, but I want to be thin enough to feel confident.  Wow, tangent.  Not where was i going with this? Oh yeah, this all started with motivation to run.  The truth is, my body hurts every time I run and not in a good way.  My shins splint, my back aches, and my knees throb. I’m not sure this post even has a point, so if you got this far, I’m sorry I took up any of your time.


Happy running!




One thought on “Boobs or belly?

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    I think you are in a bit of a slump. You usually stay motivated. How about trying to run on your lunc hour twice a week. Just use heavy doses of deodorant . One you start you will get back on track because you will like the way it makes you feel. You can do it!!!!! Love MOM

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