A bit of derby, for my mom…

Pints of Brew Consumed: 0 (it seems as though my beer drinking is decreasing – not sure if this is good or bad).

Number of Miles Run: 0

Number of Derby Bruises: 0

So, yesterday, I assessed up in derby and can being to scrimmage!  What does this mean? Mom, this one is especially for you!  Assessing up means that I have the basic skills needed to scrimmage bout with other rollergals in Rec n Rollerderby. This means at practice, I will still be learning basic skills like hopping, speed, balance, etc PLUS I will be learning how to skate with others around me, blocking them from getting past and skating around them to hopefully scare (okay mistype but I like it… gonna scare people for points – hahha) points during a bout.

My guess is, if you do not know anything about derby you have no idea what any of this means, so here is a basic on how derby works. During a bout (or scrimmage in my case) there are one jammer, one pivot blocker, and three blockers, from each team, allowed on the track during a jam.  Wait, what?  These terms are like Latin to you?  Okay, calm down already miss thang… we will start with some basic definitions (and I’m still learning the rules so give me a break here too).

Track – the oval shaped part of the rink we skate in during a jam.

Jam – jams make up periods.  Each jam is no longer than two minutes and can be called earlier by lead jammer.

Period – honestly, not totally sure on this except that I know there are two periods for premier league and I think two for scrimmages.  That’s all I got.

Okay – players…

Jammer (which I hope to get good at cause I am small enough to wiggle through people and not large enough to be an awesome blocker) – these gals score the points.  Jammers must get through the pack – each lap around hte pack earns a point.

Lead jammer – this is the first gal to become jammer and can call the end of the jam – this is important when the other team starts scoring a lot of points or if the          other team’s jammer is starting to gain some ground.

Blockers – these gals block jammers (and others) from getting through the pack.

Pivot – this blocker can actually switch places with the jammer to score points.  If she switches with lead jammer – pivot cannot take on lead jam.  There is NO lead jammer on the rink in this case.

Okay, mom, learn that part first and as we go, I will keep you updated.  But the gist of this is that I get to learn how to do all of these things and work on skate work and become an awesome skater – I hope.  But if you are interested in reading the rules and such check out the flat track rules.  

So, that’s a little update.  I have yoga brain right now, so if this made absolutely no sense, I am sorry.  Bikram kicked my ass tonight – it’s been too long.

That is all,

DeviousLeigh (since this is about derby today, I will sign my derby name)

PS – if you live in Austin, make sure you check out the Texecutioners this weekend!  


One thought on “A bit of derby, for my mom…

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    Thanks for explaining this to me. It’s going to take me a while to fully understand it all. But you can teach an old dog new things. Be safe skating. Miss you. Love, MOM

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