Chocolate, boyfriend & desk sitting = fat.

Miles Run: zip, zero, zilch! 

Pints of Guinness Consumed: zero today.

Complaints: I am constantly hungry – no seriously, CONSTANTLY! 

Okay, okay, I know, once again, I have taken a step away form my computer and you all miss my updates about running, pints, and general bitching on my part.  Or more likely, you could care less and have been very happy that I have not written anything in a while.  So, take it or leave it, but if you do care, this is an update of another grand thing I have taken on and how things are panning out.

First and foremost, I have indeed gained weight and continue to eat nonstop.  But, I have decided it’s time to jump back on the workout train.  While I still plan to eat (yeah, I’m not going to STOP eating), I am going to pay way more attention to what I am eating because at 33, my hips and butt are storing WAY more fat than they used to.  Gone are the days of eating ice cream once a day if I want to keep a decent figure – and I do.  So, I’m still doing roller derby and I freaking LOVE it. LOVE, love, love it.  I’m still learning but it’s a hoot.  Plus, running, cause I like it.  On top of that I have taken up a weight lifting class which I freaking love.  As I have said before – it is no suspension class but it’s like it in that you lift what you can and learn how to use your own weight.

So, at this point, I’m working my butt off, literally.  Yet, there are things I need to fight.  One – chocolate.  I crave it ALL the TIME!  Is that something that gets worse and worse as I age?  I mean, will i crave chocolate more and more?  Two – a boyfriend who doesn’t get my need to work out once a day (excerpt Saturdays).  It’s unfair really.  Boys really have an easier time of losing weight so they don’t understand. I’m not complaining about it – Gale is a freaking awesome boyfriend – he just doesn’t get that it’s hard to lose the weight like he does.  Three – I like my job.  I hate constantly sitting at a desk.  Have you ever noticed that when you sit all day, you want to eat more?  What the hell is up with that?  It drives me nuts!

Anyway, that’s really the only update I have to give.





One thought on “Chocolate, boyfriend & desk sitting = fat.

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    Just run a little more. YOU DO NOT want to give up chocolate!!! Or move to Mars. They don’t have chocolate. Love MOM
    PS You are not fat.

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