I’m hot, not “hot,” when running

Miles ran: 0 today, but I did a quick two yesterday!

Pints of brew consumed: three last night

Bruises: none thus far (hope to purchase my skates today)

Complaints: I have begun working Saturdays

So this is not going to be much of a post, but I thought I would post my photos – so you have proof that I ran the race.  Look, I should tell you, I’m not a pretty runner.  I don’t wear make up or make myself pretty to run. I throw on some clothes and I go.  I do have to match, but that’s about it.  I try and look cute but it just doesn’t pan out.  Apparently people worry about this though, because after I type those first few sentences, I decided to google it.  And, I don’t know WHY I am surprised by this, I found a bunch of sites on how to look sexy, attractive, etc while running.  I think it’s pretty funny:

Jazz up Your Sunscreen with Some Body Glitter

Keep Your Makeup Light, Simple and Natural-Looking

Style Your Hair to be Stylishly “Messy”

Jog with Style

Read more: How to Look Great While Jogging | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4514469_look-great-jogging.html#ixzz1nPJ97smD

Okay – seriously – messy hair?  Dude, why would you style your hair to LOOK messy during a run – just throw it in a pony and run – it will most likely get messy.  Jog in style?  Do I need to add a swagger to my jog now?  I do have to admit though, during a race, glitter could be fun.  Glitter is ALWAYS fun!

Anyway – I totally digressed.  So, here are some photos of me.  HOT, I know.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Peace. love and hair grease!



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