The End…. and beginning.

MILES RUN: 26.2 (yesterday)

PINTS CONSUMED: 1 yesterday

COMPLAINTS: My body aches all over and I seem to be overly hungry

Okay, okay… it’s over!  I ran 26.2 miles.  I beat my first marathon (Detroit) time and, while my knees are killing me, I feel better than the last time I ran a marathon.  That being said, I will NEVER run another full marathon again.  I WILL run 48 half marathons though, hopefully starting in March.  AND I will also complete my frist Tri this year.

For those of you who care about my run, I will tell you all about it.  For those of you who could care less – you can leave the blog now.  I will begin with the morning.  I woke up at 5:00am – I had to be at the parking lot to carpool with my team at 5:30 am.  So, I got dressed, put on my Spibelt (it’s like a mini fanny pack (dude, screw off, I need something to put my inhaler and important other things in)), and headed out the door at 5:20 am.  I arrived right on time and realized I was not at all tired and was actually getting excited for the race.

One of the most awesome things about being on TEAM FX, besides the teammates, was that we got to stage at the State Theatre.  This means we had a place to potty and prep before heading to the start line.  Once ready – we headed to the start which was located just north of the capitol.  After a few group photos, hugs and good lucks, the shotgun went off.  I  did not actually cross the start line until about ten minites after the actual start.  I began strong, maybe stronger than I should have.  I was pacing at about 9:32 until just after mile seven when I had to make a bathroom stop.  It was necessary.  Had my “aunt” not shown up the night before, I would have skipped the lou, but I had no choice.  Due to this stop, my pace changed and I ended up running at about 9:45, which was only because after mile 7 it was mostly downhill until we reached Exposition Rd (I think it was around mile 10).  At mile nine, I was feeling alive and ready to finish the marathon that I really was not prepared to race.  At mile nine, Mercedes, Jazz, Dre and Gale were also there to cheer me on and hand over water. It’s great to have people along the way; I would have been a lot slower had they not been there.

The hills on Exposition were difficult and around mile 13 I had to use my inhaler again, but I got through them; I slowed down a bit but it was not until mile 16 that I realized I had slowed down enough to allow the 10 minute/mile pacer to catch up.  I was okay with that though, as I had hoped to finish in 5 hours or less.  At this point, I was on track to finish in four hours and 30 minutes (which was my original goal). At that point, I was geeked and decided to stay at that pace.  It was not until I saw the friend crew at mile 18 that I slowed down again, simply to grab more water and a Gu. I tried to catch up with the pacer but never made it to her.  By mile 20, I was tired.  My calves cramped up so much that I had to walk for two minutes.  I was okay with it considering it was the first time I stopped to walk.  Though, I should note that I did stretch two times before that to stop cramping prior to this point.

I picked up the pace again and at about mile 22 I had to stop again.  I drank more water, ate a twizzler I was given along the way and picked up the pace again at mile 23.  At mile 24 I slowed again, walked for another two minutes and when I got to mile 25 I picked up the pace again.  THEN came the last hill.  I decided I would NOT walk up the last mile, even if it was a hill, because I wanted to finish strong.  As I turned the corner to the last 200 meters, I heard my friends cheering me on and was able to pick up the pace even more.  At that point, the tears also came down my face – my legs and knees were on fire, my emotions were all over the place.  I looked up at the clock, which read 4:45 minutes and some change.  I was excited because I knew that I beat my five hour time in Detroit and I might have even made it in 4 hours and 40 minutes considering the late start.

What I did find out was that my time was less than 4 hours and 38 minutes.  I did not meet my four hour and 30 minute goal, but I was under what I thought I would do that morning.  Having had a terrible knee and considering I did not run for two weeks because of allergies, I have to say, I am very happy about my time.

I have to say, most people don’t talk about the emotional part of running a marathon – they talk about the muscles, the hurt, the wall, but no one really talks about how the adrenaline affects you when you are running.  There were times, after mile 18, that I would randomly start laughing or want to cry.  There were times that people would encourage me with the “Way to go” and other times when I wanted to punch them in the face because I felt antagonized (don’t worry, I know they really weren’t, but still).

I am so thankful for my friends that came to cheer me on.  I am thankful that I completed.  I am thankful for my team.  I am thankful for all of you who helped me get through this.

Now, to start my half marathon adventures in every state.  If you have gotten this far – I need your help.  If you know of a good half – please share it with me.  The only requirement is that they are not in Texas or Michigan.  Thank you!



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