The finish line is near

Miles Run: about to run 3 or 4 today

Pints of Beer Consumed: 0 today

Complaints: I’m gonna go reallll slow this weekend

So, the countdown has begun.  In six days, I will be on the race trail.  Hopefully, I will finish.  Hopefully, it will not be snowing.  Hopefully, it will not be below 40 degrees.  Hopefully, it will not be 80 degrees.

I’m not all that excited.  I’m truthfully so ready for this to be over.  I hope next year I read this before I sign up.  I so wish that at 13.1 the run would be over.  HOWEVER, on Sunday morning I will wake up and be fresh and bright eyed ready to run.  OR I will force myself to be.  Did I mention that I have to wake up at 4:30ish that morning?  That’s a.m. folks.  4:30 a.m. and I am NOT a morning person.

What will get me through this? The beer at the finish line; the dip in Barton Springs; the huge plate of nachos I plan on consuming after my race.  And of course, the kids a the children’s shelter.

I want to give a hugeeeee thanks to everyone who donated money to allow me to race and protect Austin’s abused children.  IT really means a lot to me that you believe in me and have hearts of gold.  For those of you who did not give but are supporting me in other ways – I so thank you!  All of you mean so much to me.

Thank you….

Dave M (my first donor), Edgardo, Rhandi, Alicia, Amanda, Andrea (twice!), Hana, Aunt Diane and Uncle Jack, DA, Mark, Susan, Radhika, Bryan and Hillary, Liz, Cindy (see you race day!), BAM, Gale (for letting me run with Gini and not getting angry with me when your days off sometimes meant watching tv or a movie on a Friday night before training), Gale’s mom and dad, Sherri, Mom (couldn’t do it without the encouraging remarks on my blog), Jazz and Meche (so excited for your race day support – especially the beer I hope you will be holding for me at the end) and of course my team and coach!

Lots of love! XOXOXO


PS – if you have not donated and still want to – you can!


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