No time is no excuse.


PINTS CONSUMED: 0 but might pour myself a home brew when I finish writing this.

Today, I began my new job as a Career Counselor with Champions School of Real Estate in Round Rock.  Round Rock is located north of Austin but not by much.  First day went well if I do say so myself.  Learning the ropes in a new industry is pretty exciting.  I don’t get to make my own hours or talk to the press all day, but it’s an awesome company and I get to enhance some other skills (yeah, I got skills).

So, what does getting a new job have to do with running or brewing beer?  Well, time.  See, I now have to wake up fairly early to drive to Round Rock (or as I like to dorkishly call it, THE ROCK) and it’s pretty dark out these mornings so running alone in the morning might not be a great idea.  I’m especially worried since this past New Year weekend there were a few attacks and one horrible death here in Austin.  Now, let me qualify that.  I know Austin is a city and in cities things happen and I should not be astonished by the fact that crime happens here but seriously, Austin still feels so small and well, safe.  But, I’m gonna stay on the safe side.

Now, I also work a little late and since sunset is still fairly early, running outside at night is gonna be not so safe alone either.  And these days lunch isn’t an option either because first, my long runs would take too long and second, I’d be nasty sweaty without a shower.

Okay, NOW, this means I gotta figure it out.  It means I have to make time to eat, cuddle the kitties, spend time with the one that makes me laugh and run.  The hunt is on. It’s time to join a longer distance running group or find a running partner.

My dear friend Kalea, a personal trainer, once posted on the Facecrack that she was sick of people saying they didn’t have time to work out.  While I understand women who work and raise kids and truly do not have time to run, I basically am using this as an excuse as why I did not run today.

So, tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be back on schedule.  And now, I gotta go bottle some beer.

Peace, love and running shoes,


PS – have you ever written something and reread it and thought, ugh, this is awful but not really cared so you pushed publish anyway?  Me too.


One thought on “No time is no excuse.

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    You have never written anything awful. I hope you find a running partner or group for the dark morning or evening hours. Keep safe. Love, MOM

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