My butt looked GOOOOOD in those tights!



COMPLAINTS: hmmm, read on… 

I moved to Austin for a couple of reasons.  First, I wanted to try something new and outside the borders of Michigan.  I had never moved and I thought Austin was big enough to get everything I wanted out of a big city (except public transit) and small enough to find a community I could be part of and flourish.  Second, live music.  Third, the weather.

Well, it’s not Michigan.  I know it takes time to get your groove and all, so I’m not giving up on finding my place to flourish, but I definitely have not found it just yet.  I think that has to do with meeting people and getting comfortable.  I’m on my way.

As for live music.  It’s plentiful. All types, all scenes, all levels of talent.

And then there is the weather.  It’s odd.  Today, I woke up, yes, pretty early – 7 a.m (hey!  for me, that is early, I hate early mornings; though, I can do it and get used to it thank you very much) – and it was 32 degrees.  Yep, you heard right.  32 degrees.  Now, it’s 3:30 pm as I write this and tells me it is 56 degrees outside.  By no means am I complaining because I know from Fecebook posts that it has already snowed in Michigan and I truly hate snow.  Yet, I cannot help but yearn for the 100 degree days of August and September.

That’s how you know I am not a Texan.  I love the heat.  People here in Austin love when it gets a bit cold like this.  I think there are a few reasons and I am sure with time, I will learn to like these things as well.

  1. People can bundle up but they don’t have
    to bundle up all day long.
  2. People can wear boots, this includes their cowgirl boots.
  3. They want to eat comfort food and when it’s 100 degrees, it’s just hard to eat.

The reason I dislike the cold so much though?  I don’t know what to wear running.  If it’s morning and 32 degrees, you can bet your bottom I will stay under the covers as long as possible.  But what if it’s 40 when you start but 56 when you end?  Look lady, I’m running 12 miles on my long runs and six to seven on my short runs, a dramatic temperature change can happen here in Austin after about two hours.  Yesterday, I had on a pair of running tights (and my butt looked good, by the way; so if I was still running with that hot redhead, I’d wear those [for those who do not get this reference please see prior posts :)]), a long sleeve shirt, hat and mittens.  It was about 36 degrees when I left the house. When I was done, it was about 50 degrees and I was holy hot!  At least in Michigan, you know that when you leave the house at 11 AM and it’s 16 degrees (oh god how I HATED walking to work on those days), it will be 16 degrees when you return two hours later.  And even if it did go up a few degrees or even ten degrees, it’s still cold as all get out!

Anyway, I love Austin, I really do, but I’m ready for the two months of winter to be over already. And yes, I know, I should not be complaining.


PS – do y’all watch American Horror Story?  That was crazy last night, no?  I mean, I kinda figured it out but what a great storyline.


One thought on “My butt looked GOOOOOD in those tights!

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    Austin is kind of like Michigan with the drastic temperature changes.Remember that one day would be 70 then the next day 35? How soon we forget. At least you don’t have to deal with snow and sleet. You look great in anything you wear by the way. Love, MOM

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