Does it matter WHY I pay to run?



COMPLAINTS: Christmas is really coming at a bad time this year… 

This weekend I completed a 12 mile run.  Now, besides my knees getting a little sore, which I actually think might have been from the fact that it was raining more than anything, I did okay.  My time wasn’t terrible and I ran the whole time.  Two Gu’s and a bit of water did the trick.  Though when I got to mile 10 ( I think it was about mile 10), I thought to myself: “Why am I paying to run a marathon again?” and the last two miles became a little bit harder to run than the first 10.

And that got me to thinking, why do people, who clearly know they have no chance in winning any prize money, pay to run 26.2 miles?  I’m not sure I will know the answer to that because everyone is different, but it makes the list of Stuff White People Like to Do at #27:

“White people will train for months, telling everyone who will listen about how they get up early in the morning, they run when it rains, how it makes them feels so great and gives them energy.” 

And maybe that’s just it, maybe it’s because we CAN run a marathon and we want the attention.  I mean, look at me, I’m freaking blogging about it for Pete’s Sake!

Some people run to prove a point:

“Once, at a 20-kilometer road race in Connecticut, an annoying man eating granola out of Tupperware even asked me why I bother since I can’t run fast. My doctor told me I shouldn’t run marathons because I don’t have a runner’s body. Well, Dr. Einstein, maybe that’s why I run.” 

For me though, I think I was just bored this time.  I moved to a new city where I knew a whole of  two other people, one of which I had not hung out with since grade school and the other now a new ex-boyfriend.  When I signed up for the race, I needed to fill my space with something to do.  I was already going to Bikram Yoga (but that was getting expensive at $100 a month – ridiculous!), running three to five miles a day and lifting.  Besides that, I was working.

Now that I have signed up and training is getting longer though, I am beginning to question my sanity.  After all, I have already done one marathon, so I don’t have anything to prove – I did finish it. Sure, I talk about running

to people, mostly on this blog, but still, I could easily find something else to do that I could bore people to death talking about.

And let’s face it, I could run a half marathon and still justify eating a half of pie! Shit, I could run five miles and stilljustify eating half a pie.

Happy freaking Monday.



2 thoughts on “Does it matter WHY I pay to run?

  1. Andrea says:

    Entertaining! Leigh, I have to say, I respect you more and more every time I read your blog. Not that I didn’t respect you before, but it’s increasing in strength. The reason being: you’re a constant analysist. You’re always questioning your motivations and concluding with legitimate answers. I’m fascinated with this blog, so thanks for keeping it! Inspiring!

  2. Denise Fifelski says:

    You are runing for a great cause!!!! And pie!!! Just think, if you didn’t run you wouldn’ be able to have pie. Keep on running. Love, MOM

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