My New Year Resolution is Decided.

MILES RUN: 0 thus far, but 11 before the end of the day

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but had some Young’s last night

COMPLAINTS: It’s kinda cold in ATX right now… like 50 degrees… not okay with this

13.1 miles in every state.  

To be fair, this wasn’t really my idea.  I’m stealing it from a woman named Brenda Stallings who was cited in a great story in Runner’s World about how white the sport of running is – a good read I think you should read. Brenda’s idea or mine, I still like it and I plan to do it starting in January 2012.  My New Year resolution, I suppose.  But, this could go on for years so, there has to be some rules here….

First, I must run in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and D.C. Mainly because I really want to go to Puerto Rico and I feel like DC should be included in this since it is our nation’s Capitol.  Now, question is… if a half marathon goes through two states, does it count for those two states of only for the origination state?  Also, if I do more that a half, it counts too… like a marathon counts for the requirement.  And, if I do a marathon that crosses two states, then it counts for two states for sure.

Second, time limit on this.  I figure with 51locations (minus Michigan cause I have done a few half marathons there), I can get ten half marathons in in a year. So that’s about five years.  I’m gonna allow an extra year for injury.  So, my end goal date is December 31, 2018 with injury and December 31, 2017 without injury. Look, I know if I was super hard core, I could probably try and do this in one year.  This girl Steph is doing 50 marathons and is pretty awesome but I’m not that hardcore.  And I don’t have the money to do such a thing.

Third, after every half I complete, I get a slice of pie and a few pints.  The type of pie and pint totally depends on the region and specialities they are known for. For example, if I was to do a race in Boston, I would drink a pint of Sam Adams seasonal and eat a piece of Boston Cream pie.  If I’m in Key West… I will have a pint of Key West Golden Ale  and a slice of Key Lime pie.  I could go on, but I think you get the point.

I won’t be asking you for money for every one of these races, but I will be asking you every year for money for the Austin Children’s Shelter associated with the Austin Marathon.

At this point, you may be wondering which races I plan to complete first and I don’t have the answer for you just yet.  I have an idea for Janurary and March (Mobile, AL and Vegas – respectively) but those are not set in stone.  And Febrary is the Austin Marathon.  I hope to have a complete 2012 list by mid-December but I have to take into consideration cost, distance, and the fun facor AND if anyone wants to join me in ny particular state – either to run or to cheer me on.

So, if you have race suggestions, please let me know (beer and pie suggestions also welcome with location).

Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving!



One thought on “My New Year Resolution is Decided.

  1. Denise Fifelski says:

    What a great goal to have. What does that comment about how white running is? I have never heard of that.Keep on running! Love, MOM

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