Zombie Running

MILES RUN: 10 yesterday


COMPLAINTS: Shin Splits are BACK! 

Yesterday, I ran 10 miles of hills.  I have run 10 miles before.  I have run more than 10 miles before but I have to say that this was one of the hardest runs I have ever done.  First, running in Lansing is pretty flat.  Sure there is the one big hill over on Aurelius but I didn’t go there often because I never felt safe running alone over that way.  Second, it was humid and I did not expect it to be humid.  Sorry northerners but it’s in the low 80s this week here in Austin.

So, I woke up yesterday morning at 6 am and I felt okay.  No, I take that back, I actually felt tired and not up for the run at all but I knew I had to push through it because by mile two, I’d be fine.  Anyway, I gathered my stuff together.  Got my GU (tried the Espresso Love this time and it was pretty good), water bottle, inhaler, sunglasses, running shoes and threw on my running clothes.

I arrived at the meeting spot to carpool; because the small hills around Town Lake do not count as hills, we jumped in cars and headed out to Buescher State Park.  It’s about a 40 minute drive.  By the time we got there, I was ready for a nap!  Not a good sign when you have to run 10 miles.

Coach Gary talked about fundraising before we hit the trail.  We all promised to reach our goal of $750 bucks for the Austin Children’s Shelter (Donate!), then warmed up and hit the road.  After one mile, I was a hot sweaty mess (that whole idea of feeling good after two miles was not going to happen).  I mean dripping wet.  Normally it takes about three miles for me to be drenched but the humidity was killer and man, it felt like I was running through water.  Now, normally, I’m not first to finish but I tend to start at the head of the pack.  Yesterday, I could not even make it to mile one before I fell behind. So, at that point, I had to rethink.  There were a few option.  One, just run and don’t worry about time. Two, find a shortcut and skip some miles or Three, trip everyone when they ran past me on the way back.  I decided to go with option one (I’m such a nice person, aren’t I :)).

Oh, mind you, the hills had not even really started at this point.  In fact, the “hills” or as I saw them at the time, MOUNTAINS, didnt’ start until about mile three-and-a-half.  The first major hill was okay in that I was not completely dead yet, but going up the second one?  I’m not even sure what I was doing would be considered running. I was barely picking up my feet, it was more like I was being dragged.  It was like I was a zombie from The Walking Dead… where they drag their feet  instead of actually picking them up to walk.  Turn around was at mile five (or so) and I had to go up and down those same hills one more time, except the overall way back was a downhill.

At this point, I caught up to the two younger runners on our team, one is 24 (or 25?) and the other is 16.  It’s usually my goal to always keep them in sight when I run and I usually do pretty good with that.  However, on this day, my goal was to keep up with them.  Why? They were hurting too.  Though, it turned into a crazy run at this point.  They would let me get ahead a bit just so they could pass me and have their little victories… darn kids!  hahaha.  Though seriously, without catching up to them, I’m not sure I would have finished.  In fact, once we got the last two miles, I was laughing.  That is, until I saw there were more hills.  It was like a slap in the face.  A “just kidding, the pain isn’t over.”

That all being said (Angela and Chad, if you read this, I hope you laugh at that), I am happy I ran the 10 miles and didn’t cheat or trip any of my teammates.  I felt accomplished and had no problems eating a full place of enchiladas afterward.

Plus, it’s all for a good cause! 



2 thoughts on “Zombie Running

  1. angela pires says:

    great post! but to be honest, your suffering was probably internal struggle. because you looked good and strong running that last hill.

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