My running partner was a bitch.

MILES RUN: Technically on the trail for 3 miles but probably only ran 2


COMPLAINTS: I want to eat all the time and this is not helping me lose weight

Well, today, I had a running partner and she was a bitch.  No really, she was – as in a female dog.  And she was one of the best running partners ever.

Before you ask: no, I did not get a dog.  I think the three cats are enough for now, thanks. But, luckily, I have a friend who has a very lovable dog, Gini, who has a lot of energy.  This friend works a lot and so I offered to take Gini for a run (dude, don’t judge, he’s a good dog owner and she gets lots of exercise).  Anyway, I studied up a little bit about what types of dogs are good for running and which are not.  What I found is that Gini is a good dog for running short distances which is perfect for my two to three mile runs.

There are a few things that any runner should keep in mind when running with a dog.  One such thing is temperature.  You don’t want to during the highest part of a day with a dog.  Today,  my run started a little late and it was a little bit warmer than I had hoped but I made sure to stop a lot in the shade so Gini didn’t overheat.

However, we didn’t even start running right away because I didn’t keep some other important things in mind when I took her on the trail.  One of which is training a dog to run with you. Unfortunately, the minute we got out of the car, Gini became a kid at Christmas.  She tried to run every which way to make sure she saw everything that was going on.  She sniffed at anything on the ground and every time she saw a person run by her head turned to follow them.  It was adorable really but not very good for the running part.

So, I decided that instead of fighting her, I would start by walking with her to see if she would get the hang out next to me while we walked. Now, don’t get me wrong, Gini is a good, obidient dog.  She just likes to run around outside and have fun.  Who doesn’t?  After a while, she chilled out.  I would say about a half mile in, we started running.

Some other things to keep in mind, once a pooch is actually ready to run with you, is where you take a dog to run, water available, and congestion.  We hit the hike and bike trail.  Luckily, Gini likes people and other dogs because there were a lot of people, with dogs, out today.  But, her paws were also in much better shape than if we were to run on cement.  When there w

as cement, we walked most of the time. In the future, I would avoid this if it’s super sunny

because cement traps heat and would create an ouch scenario on the paws. The trail also has water stops and I had a water bottle on me as well.

Anyway, I loved my run today and having Gini with me totally took my mind offrunning.  I was so worried about her that I forgot to make sure I was hydrated (though it was only three miles so I was fine). I highly suggest running with a dog.  There are some breeds better than others.  To find out which breeds are good and which are not and some steps to running with  your dog check out Runners’s World’s Dog Run.



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