Next week: group seance!



COMPLAINTS: My sleeping habits are all over the place; must get on better sleep schedule. 

So, next week is what Coach Gary calls rededication week.  It sort of sounds like some underground club séance but really it’s just a reminder that we are running to raise money for the Austin Children’s Shelter.  At this point, we are also supposed to be at our halfway point in funds raised.  Thus far, I have raised $330 of my $750; this means that by Saturday of next week, I need to raise only $45 to meet my halfway point.  Please help me rededicate with the proof that I can raise the rest of the money before race day by donating $50 today!  I know, it’s $5 more than I need but it shows I’m not just trying to meet goals, I’m also going above my goals 🙂 Can’t do $50, then how bout $25?  You and one other person will help me meet my goal!

Look, I’m running even though I prefer to sleep in on Saturday mornings, I usually get up out of bed at 6 AM, get ready and head out the door by 6:40 AM.  Next week, it’s 10 miles of HILLS…. ugh.  This is not easy.  I didn’t think it was going to be easy but I HATE waking up early, so please make it worth me waking up by donating!

Thanks folks!  Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “Next week: group seance!

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Leigh – first off I do read your posts! and 2nd, if you can get up early to run (6 am – I can’t believe it!!!!) – you can get up at 7 or so to shop next week 🙂 Can’t wait to see you!

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