The upside of shin splints…

MILES RUN: 0 today; 6 all week…. 

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 today; 2ish yesterday

COMPLAINTS: I seriously have to get rid of my shin splints for good 

So, I started writing and went into how I have not run for the past week because of shin splints and then I realized it was just a rambling complaint and that isn’t fun to read.  So, instead of going into the details of the pain shooting up the inside of my calves or the bruises on the back of my legs from a treatment that eases the pain, I thought I would instead ask you to watch this video about the Austin Children’s Shelter.  After you watch it, I will entertain you (or bore the hell out of you) with my trip to the brew supply store.

BUT, like I said, you first have to watch this video so you know why I am raising money for this awesome organization, the Austin Children’s Shelter.  Watch it, please.


Okay, thanks.  So, over the last week, I have spent a lot of time sending out letters to businesses to sponsor a conference for the organization where I work.  The conference is focused on health and professional women.  Next week, I will be on the phone for most of my days.  Which means, I sit a lot. Which means, I get antsy. Which means, I need to take random breaks.  Usually, I fill that with a run, which then gives me a boost to keep working.  This week, I tried swimming and it just wasn’t the same, so, the upside of shin splints… I ended up taking a break from staring at the computer and drove on over to Austin Homebrew Supply.  I ended up buying the startup equipment and my first brew kit.  My experience was stellar.

I have to say that I had every intention of having someone who has already done some brewing with me when I went to make these initial purchases, however, the folks I know who brew work during the day (ABS closes at 6 PM) or they are simply an ass who just didn’t want to spend their time helping a gal out.  So, alas, I went to ABS alone.  I went knowing only that I needed some basic equipment, an easy recipe kit, and a how-to-brew book.

So, when I pulled up, I was super surprised that the store was more of a warehouse than a storefront. Not what I expected at all and it’s north side and kinda in a sprawling area, but whatever…. When I walked in, I was immediately overwhelmed.  I had no idea where to start.  In fact, the guys who worked there probably saw me and laughed because my eyes popped wide.  My first thought was “What am I doing here?” then I walked straight to the counter and said “So, I need some help.”  Immediately, two of the fellas walked over to me and asked what they could do.  I told them that I like beer, that I want to brew my own beer and I have no idea where to start.

So, Chris (I think that was his name) told me they had equipment packages.  I told him that I knew I wanted glass because I was told it was the way to go.  He basically pulled all the equipment I needed together then walked me through all the ingredients I would need to get started.  The whole time he kept giving me tips, which I probably only remember about two of them.  I was given a card and told that if I needed help while brewing to call (that number is now plastered to my fridge).

I ended up chatting with the guys there for about 30 minutes before taking off ready to brew.  Before I left though, I was told I was an anomaly because usually the guys walk in and want to brew beer and the girls brew wine (is that right, brewing wine?).  I kinda felt proud of that, I’m not gonna lie.  But, it makes me want to brew well and get more girls brewing too.

I have not started yet.  Tomorrow is the big day.  Not only will I start the cooking of the brew but I will attempt to run (really run, not just lightly jog) for the first time since my splits started. My hope is that I don’t end up with some gook and that I finish the full seven miles!  Wish me luck!

Wow, too long of a post,


PS, just in case you STILL have not watched the video, you can still do so:



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