Beer and the runner

MILES RUN: 0 (dude, I think I have shin splits, so instead I did the elliptical, which I hate)

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 thus far but will probably have two stout style beers tonight

COMPLAINTS: I’m naive.

So, tonight I get to check out the Flying Saucer and I am stoked! Apparently, they have the largest selection of beers on tap in Austin.  I’m starting to wonder why I am so excited about beer these days.  I have always enjoyed it, but I’m seriously loving the different styles, smells, tastes and people that come with a vast selection of beer.  I’m not talking about Miller Lite or Budweiser here, though they do have their place while canoeing rivers and late night camping; I’m talking about a smooth, dark stout or a hoppy IPA.

I am so into beer that I am finally doing something I have wanted to do for years. I am going to start brewing my own beer. YAY!   This isn’t anything special, tons of people do it, but since moving here, I feel like I have met more people who brew than read.  I’m not kidding!  What’s even better, most of those people also run. This got me thinking… what’s the correlation between running and beer?

After a super simple search, so many things popped up!  Get this, on they actually did an experiment about how drinking beer hinders running.  It’s ridiculous actually, but it’s funny that they did it.  The results are what you expect… you are drunk, you’re not getting very far.

Runner’s World doesn’t really endorse it but they don’t think having a beer before race day is a terrible idea if you do it with dinner and don’t over consume.

I also remember reading once that dark beer is better for your heart than light beer and there are some things online that say the same thing but it’s old so, you can search for yourself.

Anyway, I have a six miler tomorrow and I plan to have a couple beers tonight and maybe it’s not the best thing for me, but I don’t care.

So, what’s your favorite beer?



2 thoughts on “Beer and the runner

  1. Susan says:

    My favorite beer = the hoppiest IPA’s out there. To this date, that would be Chama River Brewing Co’s Jackrabbit in New Mexico 🙂 yum yum, slurp slurp!

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