Today, I got high.

MILES RUN: 4 today; 4 yesterday

 PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but had a delicious Youngs Double Chocolate Stout at The Draught House.  

COMPLAINTS: Some things just don’t change, no matter where you live.  

Today, I got high.  It’s been a long time.  And no, it isn’t what you are thinking, I didn’t go smoke a joint or shoot up.  I ran.

For year’s people have been talking about the runner’s high.  I have experienced it before, but it’s been years and it was on much longer runs. Today, I only ran four miles, Monday I ran five and got one too.  So, this peaks my interest.  I know people say it’s endorphins but why does it strike on some days and not others?  How come when I do Bikram I don’t experience that same feeling?  I will say that it’s similar to the end result when you have “relations” with the one you love (or don’t love, but hey, that’s none of my business).

So, I decided to do some research… nothing major just a simple Google search.  The fact is, I don’t get how I could have gotten a runners high when I only ran about forty minutes max.

“Researchers at the Technische Universität München and the University of Bonn succeeded in demonstrating the existence of an ‘endorphin driven runner’s high’. In an imaging study they were able to show, for the first time, increased release of endorphins in certain areas of the athletes’ brains during a two-hour jogging session.” (Science Daily)

I did read that many people say they experience what they would call a runners high.  Most people say it makes them feel euphoric:

“For a mile, maybe two, I slipped into another world, a timeless one where there was no effort, no clocks, no yesterday, no tomorrow. I floated along for 15 minutes, aware of nothing, just drifting. Then a big truck thundered past, and the spell was broken. Goodbye runner’s high. Hello noxious fumes.” (Runners World)

but there are some who may not know how to react at first:

“The first time you experience the runner’s high, it can be a bit alarming. At first it feels like that mild head rush I associate with going anaerobic, but instead of fading, it builds over the next 5-10 minutes.” (A Trail Runners Blog)

For me, it’s a mix. It is a little bit creepy.  At first I feel a little light headed and then my head starts to get fuzzy feeling. In fact, this afternoon, I thought I was getting a migraine and then after two minutes realized what it was. Once I recognized it, I let it take over and felt almost like I was on a cloud running… I zoned out.  So much that I almost ran into a guy on a bike.  That would have been AWESOME.  No, no it would not.  

It’s funny how our bodies react to different experiences though.  Some people use pot to get high, I think I am gong to stick with running (and the Guinness too, yes) but I feel like they are similar experiences in the sense that you can zone out and focus so intently on something you don’t even realize you are doing it.

 LAF Still Running and a little high while doing it. 

PS – did y’all see that there was an earthquake near San Antonio this morning?  Well, I think I felt it or maybe I have just been high since my Monday run.


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