It’s a pie day…

MILES RUN: 0 today; 5 yesterday

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but I had some Jameson last night

Do you ever look at pie and know that you should just look the other way but instead you reach for a fork, cut a piece much larger than you would normally eat in one sitting and just dive in?  I had a day like that today.  It started with me waking up late, deciding to not go for a run, then I ate wayyyy too much nasty, but delicious mac ‘n cheese.  Sure, I lifted weights today for about ten minutes but seriously, that isn’t much.

Sometimes, you have those days though and you just have to go with it.  Sometimes, you just have to slice the piece of pie and go with it and not look back.  mmmm… pie. It is sounding delicious, huh?  Myy point is we cannot kick ourselves because we didn’t follow our diet the way we planned it.  Sometimes, we crave a good piece of apple pie, no?

So, what did I learn today? One,  I learned that I cannot keep mac ‘n cheese in the house.  Two, I need to surround myself with motivators (thanks Leslie and Paul for trying!), and I need a better alarm clock. Oh, and probably no more Jameson on weekdays.

Will I have another pie day?  Most likely, yes.  And it will probably be just around the corner too.  I think I just added pie to my baking agenda this week.

Avid pie lover,





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