How NOT to pick a running partner…

MILES RUN: 2.8 Hills

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but had some wine at  House Wine  my favorite wine place (thus far) in Austin 

COMPLAINTS: none today

How to pick a running partner… Okay, so you can pretty much go anywhere online and there are tons of forums that pop up about how to find a running partner and the advice usually given include:

  • Join a running club
  • Make sure you have the same average pace
  • Pick someone who will motivate you and you can motivate back
  • Find someone positive

While I will not argue with those facts, I will tell you this, try not to run with someone you find attractive, especially if you are like me – meaning you get embarrassed easily, you are competitive and you worry too much.

If you read a past post you would know that if I think someone is attractive I blush.  So, imagine me running with someone that is smokin’ hot and I stumble on a rock or start to sweat profusely – you can imagine that I would probably look like a beet.

I think it’s also super hard to run with someone you find attractive because you tend to want to impress them, so you try and stay at a good pace or at least keep up with them.  Your shins may be throbbing, you may be completely out of breath or maybe it’s just not a good running day… you still push yourself.  Let’s look at a recent scenario here. Recently, I went for a run with my friend who is, well, smokin’ (and yes he is also a ginger). At the end of this run, there was a fairly large hill  and I really did not think I could make it up all the way.  I pushed myself simply because I did not want to look like the midwest girl who was out of shape.  In some ways, this is good, in others, no so much: my asthma did not like it one bit.  By the time I reached the top, I was so out of breath that I literally had to bend my head over and take the deepest breaths I have ever taken in my life.  Not smart.

Honestly, though, that isn’t even the worst of it.  What’s the worst is thinking that if he trails behind for a second, he will look at my booty.  What if my shorts are riding up?  What if it’s flopping around back there?  Ugh!  So, instead of focusing on my breathing and my stride, instead of focusing in on my arms and if they are parellel to the ground, I’m focusing in on tightening my arse and looking good from behind.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS, I know.  Most likely, he is NOT focusing on my back at all, he is focusing on his run.

Overall, the run was short and not too shabby and I look forward to running with him again, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will make sure to wear the shorts that make my behind look the best and I will be running up and down some stairs before that next run happens.

LAF Running (a little self consciously)


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