Rain, Cash and Soccer…

MILES RUN: 3 (yesterday)


COMPLAINTS: No soccer game today (though, think I am playing tonight)

So, for the first time since I moved to Austin, it down poured.  It stormed last night. There was lightning and some thunder and lots of rain.  I don’t think it is by any means the end of the drought, but it was was a relief.  Today is the first day the sun has been hidden behind clouds.  Folks, that’s in TWO MONTHS.  So, no, I’m not depressed about it.  I am not saying another day of sunshine would have done me wrong, but it’s nice to have rain sometimes.

So, yesterday, I ended up running on a treadmill. Since I started training for the marathon, I have been running outside and I will tell ya what.  My time has decreased.  3 miles and I was running 8 minute miles and I wasn’t dead afterwards.  Maybe those hills are helping a bit!  Do I think I will be running 8 minute marathon miles?  No, I mean, come on, it’s 26 miles.  Screw that.  My goal… 9 minute miles.   I think I can do it. Focus.

After my run I had my first experience at the Mean Eyed Cat.  I freaking LOVE this place.  Texas Country (which I never, ever thought I would be a fan, but hell, when in Rome…), J Cash all over the place (it’s a tribute bar) and fairly friendly bartenders (though, don’t expect them to ask you what you want, you just have to walk up and say “hey, I want a Guinness”). It’s a dive bar, but I wanted to wear heels and I did and ya know what, it didn’t matter.  Ya know how sometimes you walk in and are like “F***, I stand out like a soar thumb…”  maybe I did, but I didn’t feel like it. and because of this, I think I may have found my watering hole. Though, they do not carry liquor, just an fyi.

So, this morning, when my game was canceled I have to say, I wan’t that upset.  My head kinda hurt because I hadn’t eaten any dinner.  I watched some crap TV for a while… actually, I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey and if I ever watch it again, you have permission to kick my arse and call me out.  It was awful.  Blech….

Luckily, I may be playing tonight, if my new friend needs me.

Anyway, cheers and keep on keepin on,



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