This isn’t about me….



COMPLAINTS: That it isn’t Sunday yet when I will be playing soccer… maybe twice. 

Before I turned 30, I would never have thought of myself as athletic.  I grew up being a goofball.  Sure, I was a cheerleader and that took a lot of focus and strength. And field hockey and a litte lacrosse here and there but I was never dedicated to anything and I was a bit clumsy.  Now, that isn’t to say today, I am not clumsy, I broke my collarbone playing soccer for pete’s sake!  But, there is something different now that has turned me into an athlete.  Competitiveness?  Being fit? I don’t know what it is but I like it.

It also helps to be raising money for a good cause.  Soccer isn’t part of that but every morning I wake up and I don’t always want to run.  It takes me two cups of coffee and a bagel before I can even think about leaving the house.  Then I think about the Austin Children’s Shelter and I remember that this isn’t just about me running 26 miles.  It’s also about raising 750 bucks for kids that need some love and a helping hand to keep motivated.

It’s about making sure kids who are abused at home have a place to go so they don’t have to feel scared; it’s about teen moms who might not have a family to support them; it’s about ensuring youth have the tools and resources to be productive citizens.

So, when on running days when I do not want to lace up my kicks, I remember my tour of the Austin Children’s Shelter and how I have a loving family who will always be there if I need them and how those at the ACS now do too because of the shelter caregivers, their friends there, and those who donate.

So, if you have not already, please help to motivate me and protect a kid by donating today.


PS – today is not a run day… it’s my day off from everything so the “0” at the top is okay!



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