MILES RUN: 4 Hills

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but had a huge Pluckers large 512 IPA (which I’m really liking these days)

COMPLAINTS: I thought I was in shape, but apparently, I’m not.

This is actually yesterday’s stats.  I was gonna run today but I’m thinking I am going to take the day off and swim instead.  Hills yesterday killed me and to be honest, the hills weren’t even that high or long.  I seriously thought my lungs were going to collapse and my knees were going to pop.  Today, my shins hurt, my knees are cracking, and I just feel tired.  It took me about 45 minutes to run 4 miles.  Slow!

But Saturday, I will be in Salado and missing the hill run with my team, which I am super sad about.  I have a 4 miler routed out and there are some hills there too.  I am hoping that it is not as bad as yesterday.

I really did think I was in shape until yesterday.  Now, I feel like I have a LONG way to go.

LAF… still running.



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