The “Duh” Factor


PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: Today none – this weekend… let’s not talk about it. 

 COMPLAINTS: I’n sick of learning lessons I should have learned long ago. 

According to the Mayo Clinic , and others, exercise reduces stress, it pumps those endorphins and improves your overall mood.  About a month ago, I would have argued against this statement because I had many sleepless nights and I was running two to three miles a day.  The problem.. my running form was compromised, my jaw was tightened and I did not do anything to relax while running.  Over the last few weeks, I have learned how to let it all go when running; to instead focus on form and breathing instead of dealing with a big move or an old friend from the past who keeps popping up that you realllly wish would just get the heck away.  Once I relax, I can clear my head completely and meditate while I run then I can start to think about those things clearly.  Figure out what the real problem is in the first place.  It’s amazing how much clearer things become when you STOP thinking.

It also helps to be listening to music that suddenly makes everything seem so apparent, the “duh” factor.  It’s like the singer in your ear just said exactly how you feel but you could never put it into words or you just ignored your friends when they said the same thing.

So, today, after hitting a bump in the road, I tied up my laces, threw some Lucero on my headphones and took a deep long breath andhit the path.  I focused on my breathing and about 2 miles in, the “duh” factor hit when a song came blaring into my ear.  Sometimes, you need to hear it from someone who is so far away from the situation.  At that moment I felt sudden relief, my pace actually quickened, and I realized I was smiling.  I also realized at that moment that I will NEVER EVER doubt my gut again.

So my advice to you is next time you feel all stressed out, go exercise but don’t think, turn your headphones up and focus on your breathing.


PS… the picture in this post is of me and the lead singer of Lucero.  I have about 12 pictures but this one is the least fuzzy.

PPS… Thanks to those who have donated this week!


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