Finally growing up?

MILES RUN2  plus Bikram Yoga

PINTS O’ GUINNESS CONSUMED0 but I ate three homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

COMPLAINTS you wont hear this a lot, but I am homesick….

It is 11 pm and I am about to hit the hay.  This has become my regular Friday night routine since I started running at 7 AM with TeamFX.  There are bands playing across the city, Guinness waiting to be sipped, and dresses in my closest that really want to be worn but, I have learned a little bit of discipline since I moved here to Bat City (if you do not know why it is called that, it’s because millions of bats live here and fly out from under the Congress Bridge every night – it’s pretty f’ing sweet – right mom? hahaha).

I hate mornings, so if I stay out and up then I won’t wake up.  On a regular day, because I work from home, I wake up at like 8 am maybe… usually closer to 9 am.  So, Saturdays I love and hate.  I love that I wake up and run with people as opposed to running alone.  I also love that afterwards, we go eat breakfast tacos.  But waking up early is tough!  AND, missing out on Friday night fun makes me feel like I am actually growing up!  Maybe this is a good thing though, yeah?

Tomorrow night, actually all day tomorrow is PACKED so I need my beauty rest :).  And tomorrow night, I get to go watch Lucero at Mohawk’s (thanks JRL for the heads up on that).  I’m kinda excited about that.  And yes one of my dresses that wants to come out and play so badly will have a chance to do so. And so will a new pair of heels.

So, Friday night is for making a good dinner, catching up on reading, and sleep… never thought I would decide to calm down once I moved to such a hue party town, but alas, the time has come.  However, I will not be writing tomorrow and probably not Sunday either so… have a great weekend and GO STATE!

Missing my Michigan friends,



One thought on “Finally growing up?

  1. Alicia says:

    Nice blog Leighter! Awesome you are doing this marathon and for such a good cause! So glad you are settling in so wonderfully in Austin, but sure do miss you up here in the mitten (even if we did only manage to get together every few months or so, it was still nice to have you around the corner)!

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