Worst color ever? Bright red.

MILES RUN: 4; Yesterday – Bikram Yoga (important to post)

PINTS OF GUINNESS CONSUMED: 0 but this weekend will make up for it! 

COMPLAINTS: Can’t find molds to make popsicles! 

Okay my friends, you know how when I think a guy is hot I blush?  It doesn’t matter that I don’t know him, that I may have just spied him across the street or I may have known him for ever, if he doesn’t know I think he is smokin’, my cheeks burn up and light my face on fire.  This is the MOST embarrassing thing in the world; and for those of you who did not know that, now you do.

Anyway, so, that happens and yesterday, I walked into Pure Bikram Yoga downtown, I wave my little card in front of the scanner and turn to go look for my new friend Kristin.  Until…. I hear someone say my name.  I look up and… BRIGHT RED.  Yep, this totally hot, probably like 26 year old guy, asked me a question.  I stare at him totally stupified and muster up a, “um… yeah?”

He introduces himself and tells me he will be instructing and asks me about my blood pressure being high (I told them when I first signed up about any related problems that might need help).  My response was… “uh, yeah, is that a problem?” Face STILL bright red  I just wanted to run as fast as I could but I had to “keep my cool” hahahhaha.  After the whole – two minute – conversation was complete, I went to the locker room where I found Kristin.

I swear he knew that I thought he was cute though, cause who wouldn’t when a girl turns the color of a cooked lobster in front of you? During class though, I said something under my breath about being totally out of it because I missed a week and everyone laughed at me.  Honestly, I’m glad they did because I relaxed a bit.

As I left class, he made sure to say bye to me and smiled.  It wasn’t a flirtatious smile, it was a mocking, “I know you think I’m hot” smile.  Okay – probably not anything but that’s how it went in my head.

So, for those who have witnessed this situation, you know how I get, remember Hottie?  It was TEN TIMES WORSE.  I think it’s getting worse with age.  Guess what though, Kristin and I are going back on Friday and ya know what? He’s teaching.  This time I will be prepared.

Oh, running today sucked.  I got a cramp and it was hot and when I was done my face was pretty red, but not as red as yesterday.




PS – Don’t forget to donate! 


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